Automate your receivables process from bill delivery to final reconciliation.

We’ll evaluate your account receivables process and work with you to resolve challenges.

Digital billing

Get paid faster and reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) by providing payment options your customers already use. Our solutions provide payment reminders, real-time capability and multiple payment methods.


Receivables solutions

Accept cash, checks and digital payments efficiently supported by lockbox options that fit your organization’s needs. Increase availability of funds with our powerful receivable solutions.

Centralized management

Decrease manual tasks, consolidate payments and reduce exceptions for reconciliation with automated tools. Our integrated receivables solution helps you process, apply and report incoming payments faster and easier.

Receivables API

Manage your receivables with greater speed and accuracy. Our receivables API lets you securely exchange bank information and enter it into your receivables application in real time.

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Payment acceptance solutions that accelerate business.

Efficiently manage your organization’s transactions with an end-to-end solution for payment processing, gateway and transaction security. As a single-source payment provider, our secure and versatile solutions can help reduce cost and complexity, and simplify implementation and reporting.

Get peace of mind with a multi-layered approach to payment security so your organization can seamlessly accept payments onsite, online and on-the-go.

Accounts receivable insights

Five people in a business meeting room in a healthcare office

Optimize the healthcare revenue cycle.

A comprehensive receivables solution that includes automation can help alleviate pain points in the revenue cycle and add visibility into payment information.

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How APIs support A/R management

Traditional accounts receivable management is very time-consuming and tedious. Find out how APIs can speed up your receivables research.

Asian man in a suit doing commercial receivables work on a laptop.

6 reasons to integrate your receivables

The speed of business is accelerating. Accounts receivable must keep up. See why integrating A/R should be a consideration for your business.

Accounts receivable Q&A

Contact our accounts receivable experts.

Are you ready to revisit your A/R strategy? The accounts receivable and digital payments technology experts at U.S. Bank are ready to work with you to transform your practices.

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