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The latest research on real-time payments

Real-time payments are on the rise, and our survey of 1,000 large U.S. companies shows that RTP is delivering genuine business results. Find out how leading companies are using real-time payments and transforming digitally.

How we solve your payment challenges.

We’re enhancing existing banking services and exploring new networks. We were one of the first banks live on the RTP® network and the first bank to initiate a payment. We keep risk management at the center of our solutions with a highly scalable and automated payments processing infrastructure. We have the specialized knowledge and expertise to protect payments as we increase our processing speed.


Real-time payments (RTP®)

Send and receive instant payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week with RTP to create efficiencies.


Disbursements via Zelle®

Gather minimal recipient payment information and get funds to your consumers faster.


Same Day ACH

Process check conversions payments and “just in time” vendor payments.

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Request for Pay

Leverage the RTP network to receive payments and benefit from straight-through reconciliation by sending requests for payment directly to clients.


Push to card

Businesses push funds to payee bank account using a debit card.


Payee Choice

Simplify payments while creating a superior experience for your payees with payment choices via Zelle®, ACH, prepaid cards or checks.

Instant Card®

Easily extend your corporate purchasing power. With the Instant Card app, push a virtual credit card to anyone in your organization, anywhere, instantly.


RTP corporate credit card payments

Use the RTP network to fund your corporate credit card program, or even pay your balance, safely and conveniently in seconds rather than days.


eBill Service

A cloud-based bill presentment and payment platform to collect consumer payments.

U.S. Bank AP Optimizer®

Automate the entire invoice management and payment disbursement process with a single system: U.S. Bank AP Optimizer.

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Automated Escheatment Service

Use our end-to-end solution for managing unclaimed property. From liability analysis to due diligence mailings, state filings and remittance, let us help simplify the escheatment process for your organization.

Develop next-generation payments and working capital solutions to impact your financial journey.

Payments innovation makes it easier for you to connect with various payment networks, whether you’re logging into SinglePoint®, sending us bulk payment files directly from your ERP, accounting or treasury systems, and/or using APIs to interact with us.

Understand where the world is going.

Our product development focus starts with understanding changing dynamics and trends at both an industry and client level. We strive to offer your organization solutions that will be relevant both now and in the future as business norms evolve.

Leverage emerging payment technology to enhance your experience.

We’re learning and adapting to new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine-learning and blockchain. We're working to optimize and enhance our payments solutions to create meaningful impact to your business.

Focus on ease of integration and use.

Our customers use a variety of enterprise applications within their organizations that send and receive data related to payments and collections activities. We continue to innovate and offer a range of integration options from web interfaces to APIs that connect your applications to our payment platforms. Following a quick onboarding, we ensure a seamless flow of payments data to keep operations running smoothly.

A unique and client-centric approach to payment innovation.

We’re working to harness the industry-leading, most innovative solutions wherever they arise. Whether from mainstream system providers, innovative start-ups or our own industry-unique in-house innovation team, we’re focused on uncovering and deploying relevant solutions.

Your needs and real-world challenges inform solutions.

Your feedback is paramount. It drives our agile approach of engaging our clients early and often throughout the product development life cycle.

Trends and insights about RTP and faster payments

Can faster payments mean better payments?

Along with rapid remittance, new payment technologies could provide increased ease, efficiency and information for receivables, as well as payables. The key to success is figuring out which technology to use – and when.

RTP network transaction limit raised to $1 million

With the transaction limit raised from $100,000 to $1 million, more organizations can reap the benefits of transferring higher volumes and payment values onto RTP.

Deliver faster, more secure customer experiences of the future

Address gaps and the disparity between finance, business and customer service. Examine how banking connectivity can help deliver unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness with payments innovation.

Let’s talk about faster payments.

If you want to find out how a faster payments ecosystem can help your company and your customers, reach out to our team.

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