Reduce risk and time spent handling cash.

Cash vault

Depend on our nationwide cash vault network for your convenience.

Cash services

Access cash services with a combination of our national vault footprint and access to our branches, when required.

DTS Connex

Monitor status of cash deposits and orders with our cash vaults.

Remote cash deposit

Provide on-site deposit capabilities with Remote Cash Deposit.


Generate a data file with payments routed automatically or pre-processed.

Enhance your processes with digital receivables solutions.



Receive ACH payments as a fast and paperless option.



Receive wire transfers with the security and speed that you expect.



Offer more payment options to collect consumer payments as the market changes.

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Real-time payments (RTP®)

Receive instant payments with RTP for immediate availability.

Cost effective payment processing with lockbox

Leverage our capital investments in remittance processing sites, infrastructure, hardware, technology and personnel.

  • Automate posting with transmission of remittance details.
  • Deposit items faster with services including optimized pickup schedules and integrated deposit processing.
  • Create a process that fits your needs with unique processing instructions.
  • Integrate incoming checks and electronic receivables with U.S. Bank VantagePoint®.

Enhance your experience with Lockbox Remote Capture.

  • Integrate stranded payments.
  • Consolidate reporting.
  • Faster deposit processing.
  • Reduce risk and expense from couriers.

View check and remittance images online with Image Look.

  • Gain visibility with same-day access to lockbox information.
  • Increase productivity by eliminating paper handling.
  • Make research easier and decisions faster.
  • Access funds quicker to manage liquidity more effectively.

Evaluate your working capital efficiency for receivables.

Intelligently designed to meet working capital goals, our working capital efficiency specialists will review your processes and procedures to evaluate the tools that create the best future for your receivables journey.

  • Integrated data collection points
  • Detailed and functional reporting
  • Cash conversion optimization
  • Quick and accurate processes

The goal of our working capital engagements for receivables:

  • Increase efficiencies that enable staff to be allocated to focus on essential work.
  • Improve rate of collections to decrease Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).
  • Strengthen your balance sheet.
  • Enhance customer relationships.
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