Payments fraud protection

Reduce financial risk and protect your organization.

The safety of your payments and operational processes is our first priority. That’s why we invest in banking, card services and treasury management tools to fight fraud, rolling out new functionality for our clients while being committed to making digital payments safe and secure for complete peace of mind. Learn about fraud protection for payments processing your organization can implement to stay safe in the ever-evolving landscape of financial fraud.

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U.S. Bank fraud prevention solutions

Secure electronic payments.

Benefit from recently launched innovative payment rails like Real Time Payments (RTP®) and Zelle® with the same peace of mind that the traditional payment methods offer.

U.S. Bank solutions can help:

  • Set transaction limits for initiators and approvers
  • Require dual authorization
  • Review exceptions online for incoming ACH (debits)
  • Validate account status and ownership before payment initiation
  • Track ACH Positive Pay authorization status
  • Replace direct debits using newer features like "Request for Payment"
  • Channel and file level encryptions available for batch transmissions

Electronic payments

Minimize payment fraud and improve receivables.

Increase approval rates, reduce fraud, maintain compliance and build customer loyalty with advanced payment fraud prevention and multi-layered data security enterprise solutions.

U.S. Bank Payment Solutions helps you secure payment processing and protect cardholder data

  • Mitigate risk and reduce fraud and chargebacks with integrated global fraud management solutions
  • Reduce false positives to improve the customer experience and increase repeat purchases
  • Secure cardholder data with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and tokenization technologies
  • Create back-office efficiencies and improve receivables cash flow with secure card-on-file processing for repeat and recurring payments
  • Simplify PCI compliance audits by reducing the scope of data in your environment

Payment processing

Make safer check payments.

Establish and follow best practices for check approvals, paper check stock controls and check processing.

U.S. Bank solutions can help:

  • Review exceptions, and payee exceptions, daily and make payment decisions
  • View check images online to eliminate the risk of storing cancelled paper checks
  • Place blocks on accounts to prevent unauthorized debits
  • Reconcile accounts daily or monthly
  • Outsource check processing to eliminate the risk of storing check supplies
  • Confirm checks don’t have stop payments or other risk indicators before completing deposits

Manage cash online with SinglePoint®.

Get secure online access to all your treasury management data and tools when you use our proprietary online business banking portal, SinglePoint.

U.S. Bank solutions can help:

  • Review your accounts online, at any time with SinglePoint Information Reporting
  • Install IBM® Trusteer Rapport to detect and eliminate malware
  • Receive payment service alerts by email, text or fax with SinglePoint Alerts & Notifications 

Online cash management

How robust is your current fraud prevention program?

Establish strong controls and schedule periodic reviews to protect your organization from payments fraud. Discover gaps in your fraud protection system, and help detect fraud before it happens.

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Fraud protection tips

Payments fraud prevention best practices

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