How long does it take for my credit or debit card dispute or fraud claim to be resolved?

We understand unauthorized or incorrect transactions on your account can be unsettling. When you initiate a dispute, U.S. Bank will work on your behalf to help find a resolution as swiftly as possible. 

While many cases can be resolved quickly, some are more complex and can take up to 90 days. During our investigation, we may work with the merchant through their bank, including at times exchanging written documents. That’s why U.S. Bank provides provisional credit, while we research and resolve the dispute. See also: What can I expect when I file a credit or debit card dispute or fraud claim?

Here are some tips to help expedite the process and keep informed:  

  • Sign up for fraud or dispute alerts to stay informed of events related to your claim.
    See also: How do I update my consent to contact preferences?
  • You may want to also contact the merchant if you’re able to. Often, the merchant can directly resolve the issue faster than it takes for us to complete our investigation.
  • Cardmember Service will contact you by phone or mail if additional information is needed. It’s important to respond to any requests as soon as possible.