What can I expect when I file a credit or debit card dispute or fraud claim?

We understand unauthorized or inaccurate transactions on your account can be unsettling. You can expect U.S. Bank to quickly work on your behalf to research the disputed transaction and find a resolution as quickly as possible.

When initiating your claim, we'll explain the following:

Additionally, letters are sent at various points of the investigation.

  • Cardmember Service may send a letter if additional information is requested to assist us with the investigation.
  • You may receive a letter outlining the details of your dispute.
  • If the provisional credit is going to be reversed, written notification is sent.
    • For debit cards, the letter is mailed prior to the reversal.
    • For credit cards, the letter may be mailed at the time of the reversal.
  • A final resolution letter is sent when the case has been completed.  

Please be aware, letters are sent in unmarked white envelopes to add extra security. So being attentive to notifications sent during this time can help expedite resolution.