How do I send a small business ACH payment?

We make it easy to send an ACH payment to your employees, contractors and vendors.

Please be aware, if your business has multiple owners, at least two owners must approve the ACH payment. If you initiate the ACH payment as an owner, then only one additional owner approval is needed. See also: How do I grant secondary approval for small business ACH payments?

To send an ACH payment using digital banking

  1. Online banking: Select Transfers & pay at the top of the page, then choose External transfers, wires, & ACH.
    Mobile banking: Select Pay bills & transfer, then choose External transfers, wires & ACH.
  2. Select Send payment.
    • Online banking users will find it within the “ACH payments” section.
    • Mobile banking users will find it within the “Send an ACH payment” section.
  3. Provide the recipient’s information, then select Continue.
    • We’ll need the recipient’s name and their account and routing numbers.
    • Tell us if the provided account is a checking or savings account and if the payment is going to an individual or business account.
  4. Provide your payment details, then select Continue.
    • Choose the account you're sending money from and change the date (if you don't want it sent the same day).
    • Optional: Add a memo of your choice.
  5. Enter how much you're sending and select Continue.
    • Choose Change recipient info to make changes before proceeding further.
    • To find out how much you can transfer, select How much can I send? below the total amount.
  6. Review the information, then select Submit.
    • If your business has multiple owners, we'll send an approval email at this time.
    • If any information is incorrect, select Edit next to the section that needs a change.
    • Read the “ACH payment authorization disclosure” and note the processing fee. If you agree, select the check box next to "I agree to the ACH payment authorization".

More information

  • If your business has multiple owners, at least two of them need to be enrolled in digital banking to send an ACH payment.
  • Second approval is required when businesses have more than one owner so there's visibility of the payment for all account owners.
  • To grant approval, the co-owner must log into their business profile. 
  • You must have a registered cellular device on file for at least three business days to use this service. See also: How do I establish a registered cellular device on my profile?
  • Approval must be completed by 8 p.m. CT for same day payments, and within three business days for future-dated payments.

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