The business case for payment optimization

Grow revenue.

Enroll more suppliers into your corporate credit card program to expand revenue earning potential.

Maximize efficiency.

From streamlining your payments process and driving cost savings to improving cash flow, payment optimization delivers results.

Reduce risk.

Leveraging virtual payments dramatically reduces the risk of fraud for added savings and fewer worries.

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How Optimization Services works

With Optimization Services, you can count on our experts to do the heavy lifting for you. It starts with an AP file analysis – we’ll identify card-accepting suppliers and calculate potential payments to shift to card. Together, we’ll develop an enrollment strategy that can include updating your payment terms strategy and any other supplier insights we should consider in our outreach. Then, our in-house Supplier Enablement team will work directly with your suppliers to get them on board.

Maximize accounts payable performance.

From rebate earnings and working capital benefits to cost savings and increased efficiency, the advantages of corporate credit card and virtual payments add up.

See how our payment Optimization Services can help you reach your corporate credit card program goals.

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Understanding the supplier advantages

Corporate credit cards and virtual payments benefit you and your suppliers. Our payment Optimization Services team can help you better understand the advantages for your suppliers and strategically communicate the opportunity. Our Supplier Enablement team will work with you to develop campaign strategies and assist with supplier enrollment and outreach.

Supplier benefits:

  • Get paid sooner – faster payments reduce waiting and processing times
  • Increase efficiencies – reduce the efforts required to process payments.
  • Improve data – get better remittance data for improved reconciliation
  • Find your fit – we offer a variety of payment options to support your business.


See how you can get more from your corporate credit card program.

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Small changes produce results.

An Optimization Services consultation can help you meet your rebate, cost reduction and efficiency goals.

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Program optimization benefits add up.

Add up the advantages and see what Optimization Services can do for your organization.

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Getting your suppliers on board

Find out how we can help you make the switch to virtual payments and get buy-in from your suppliers.

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5 easy steps to effective optimization

Learn how our team will help you set goals and make immediate progress optimizing your card program.

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