Reduce fraud risk and costs with electronic payments.

U.S. Bank Virtual Pay is a highly secure electronic payment method that increases efficiency and simplifies reconciliation for you and your suppliers, cuts costs and improves visibility and control.

Eliminate expensive check writing.

Replace costly checks with a variety of automated virtual payment options. Virtual cards support your payables strategy while meeting the needs of your suppliers.

Retain control over payments.

Your payments are processed only when approved and only for the amount authorized.

Enhance payment security.

Single-use virtual accounts are coded for a specific supplier, amount and expiration date.

Simplify reconciliation.

Virtual payments contain detailed remittance information and each virtual card number serves as a unique payment identifier.

Increase rebate revenue opportunity.

Switching from checks to virtual payments can enhance cash flow and create additional revenue through program rebates.

Simplify supplier payments.

See how virtual payments can benefit your organization. Learn how to reduce paper checks and streamline your payment process with U.S. Bank Virtual Pay.

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Protect against fraud with virtual credit cards.

While no payment method is 100% immune to payment fraud, five factors make virtual cards more secure than other payments.

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Optimization services

Increase virtual credit card use.

We can help you make the shift to virtual payments. Our dedicated team of experts will analyze your corporate credit card program for virtual payment opportunities, develop enrollment strategies for your suppliers and help with supplier education and outreach.

We have answers to your Virtual Pay questions.

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