How does Zelle® work?

No checks. No cash. No hassle. Zelle® makes sending, requesting and receiving money fast, safe and easy1 with those you know and trust – and it’s free for U.S. Bank customers. Start using it today in the U.S. Bank Mobile App and online banking.

It’s safe.

With Zelle®, money travels directly between accounts with no stops in between. And as a U.S. Bank customer, you’re protected by our Digital Security Coverage. Zelle® does not store any of your personal information. Your account details are safe with your bank and not visible while using Zelle®.

Be alert: Payment app scams are on the rise. Watch this video on avoiding scams.

It’s fast.

Money you send with Zelle® can be in your recipient’s account in minutes,1 making Zelle® an ideal way to share the cost of expenses between friends or send the gift of money.

It’s easy.

Sending money is simple. Just pick a trusted recipient, enter an amount and hit Select. You can track your payment in mobile or online banking. Requesting money is just as easy.2

It’s free.

Use Zelle® for free in the U.S. Bank Mobile App or online banking. All you need to send money is the recipient’s email address or U.S. mobile number.

image of Zelle screen on U.S. Bank mobile app

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Frequently asked questions

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  1. To send and receive money in minutes with Zelle®, you must have an eligible U.S. bank account and have a U.S. mobile number registered in your online and mobile banking profile for at least three calendar days. Transactions between enrolled consumers typically occur in minutes.

  2. Payment requests to persons not already enrolled with Zelle® must be sent to an email address.

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