Explore different boat types to find the answer to your marine dreams.

General considerations for boat purchase

Intended use

Do you want to do a lot of fishing (and if so, what kind)? Look forward to entertaining friends and family onboard (and how many)? Enjoy watersports like waterskiing and wakeboarding? Dream of weeks-long ocean adventures? The boat you choose will expand or limit the activities you can pursue on the water, so plan carefully.

Budget and financing

There are lots of questions to ask yourself before buying a boat. How much boat can you afford? Will you buy new or used? And how will you pay for it?

One boat financing option is a U.S. Bank boat loan. With our easy online application, you could have a decision the same day you apply.

Types of recreational boats

Boat buying tips

Should I buy a new or used boat?

When buying a boat, there are good reasons to consider both new and used. Let us help you decide. 

Costs of owning a boat

Be sure you consider the long-term costs of boat ownership when budgeting for your purchase.

Shop and compare

Still undecided? You can explore all kinds of new and used boats available now from our participating dealers in our boat marketplace. You’re sure to find one that inspires the mariner in you.

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