How do I lock or unlock my debit card?

Did you forget your card at the gas station, is it lost at home, or do you want to prevent it from being used? Don't worry, you can quickly lock or unlock your card at any time.  

If you're not able to find your card or if it was stolen, see: How do I request a replacement debit card?

How to unlock your debit card using online banking

  1. Choose your checking account from the dashboard.
  2. Select Card controls, then select Lock or unlock card.
  3. Choose your card if you have more than one.
  4. Select Lock card or Unlock card to change the status of the card.

How to unlock your debit card using the U.S. Bank Mobile App

  1. Open the main menu and select Manage cards.
  2. Choose the card and select Lock or unlock card.
  3. Select the toggle next to This card is unlocked or This card is locked, then select Done

More information

You cannot submit or ask for maintenance such as an address change while your card is in a locked status.

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