How should I send funds to payoff a mortgage?

Paying off your mortgage is different than just making a regular payment. It's important to follow the payoff instructions to ensure your payment is applied as intended. After you've received your payoff statement, choose the option that works best for you.

  • Mail the funds to the address listed in the payoff letter.
  • Wire the funds with the wiring instructions. 
  • Visit us at any U.S. Bank branch to complete the request. We encourage you to make an appointment to allow time for questions and processing.

Additional information

In addition to the payoff statement, you'll receive an escrow information letter. Enclosed is a form to complete if your address or phone number changes.

  • If your information hasn't changed, there's no need to take action.
  • If your information needs updated, return the form along with the payoff funds. If you're due a refund, this ensures we'll send it to the correct address. 
  • To learn more, visit our After Mortgage Payoff page. We have a great video about what to expect, along with information about what to do after the payoff.