What’s next after payoff?

This two-minute video recaps important actions you need to take after payoff.

Receive confirmation.

You’ll receive a confirmation email from us, which will include information about next steps you still need to take.

Estimated time: 
usually within a week after you send the funds.

Cancel autopay.

If you’re enrolled in U.S. Bank autopay for your home mortgage, we’ve already canceled that service on your behalf.

If you were sending funds to U.S. Bank from another financial institution using an automated method to pay your mortgage, you’ll need to contact that financial institution to cancel those payments.

Confirm address.

Because we’ll be sending important final documents through the mail, make sure your most recent address is on file with us.

Log in to the U.S. Bank Mobile App or usbank.com to confirm or update your address.

U.S. Bank responsibilities after payoff

Recording with the county

Once your mortgage is paid off, we’ll prepare a lien release, also called the “reconveyance” or “satisfaction of mortgage” document. Once that’s ready, all necessary documents will be sent to the applicable county for recording. The processing time for this varies by county.

Sending your payoff documents

Once the county has recorded the release/reconveyance, those documents will be returned to U.S. Bank. When this process is complete, we’ll mail a copy of the documents with a letter to you.

Sending your overage refund check

If your loan was escrowed, we’ll conduct a final escrow analysis, and any remaining escrow balance and excess payoff funds will be returned to the address we have on file.

Your responsibilities after payoff

You’ll need to pay property taxes from now on.

As soon as you send payoff funds, we’ll close your escrow account and stop paying taxes and insurance. Please contact the appropriate taxing authority in your area to begin making payments yourself. If you need help getting started, your town clerk's office or city hall should be able to help you identify next steps.

When to do this: when you send payoff funds

Contact your insurance provider.

Once your escrow account is closed, you’ll need to pay your homeowner’s insurance premiums yourself. If you want to continue with your current insurance, contact your provider and tell them you’ve paid off your mortgage.

When to do this: when you send payoff funds

You must obtain the property deed through your county.

U.S. Bank isn’t authorized to provide property deed copies. If you need a copy of your property deed, we advise you to contact the county your mortgage is recorded in or check their website for instructions on how to request one.

When to do this: when you receive payoff documents from U.S. Bank

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