How do I "split the bill" with Zelle?

Splitting a bill with multiple people is easier than ever. It’s a great way to share costs for things like group lunches, hotel stays, or fares. And you can split the bill with up to 10 people. All you need is:

  • To be enrolled with Zelle.
  • Have a U.S. Bank checking or savings account.
  • Have the Zelle registered phone number or email address of each person.

To split a bill using mobile or online banking:

  1. Mobile banking users: From your dashboard, select Send money.
    Online banking users: From your dashboard, select Send money, then choose Send money with Zelle.
  2. Select Split a bill.
  3. Choose the people you’d like to split the bill with, then select Continue/Next.
  4. Complete the “Split a bill” form and select Review.
    1. Enter the total amount to split. This should include your portion of the bill. Don’t worry, it won’t be taken from your account. It’s only used to calculate the other people’s portion.
    2. Add a memo (optional).
    3. Allocate the amount you’d like request from each person.
      • To start, amounts are automatically calculated to split the total evenly between you and the others.
      • You can adjust those figures by selecting the dollar amount next to the person’s name and enter a new amount.
      • Then the system will automatically adjust the rest of the figures to meet the total amount requested.
    4. Choose the U.S. Bank account you want the requested funds to go to.
  5. If everything is correct on the final review page, select Request.

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