Preventing fleet card fraud

7 ways to protect against fuel card fraud

Fuel cards are a frequent target of criminals. Cardholders can help with fraud prevention with these guidelines.

Store fuel card safely.

For fraud prevention, keep fleet card in a secure location and never leave it out in the open.

Keep PINs private.

PIN information should always be put in a separate place from the card.

Keep cards to yourself.

Do not share the card or PIN with anyone not authorized to use the card.

Report fleet card fraud.

If your card is lost or stolen, be sure to report this immediately.

Check transactions.

Contact the fleet manager immediately to report payment fraud or any questionable transactions.

Be wary at fuel pumps.

Credit card fraud at fuel pumps is not uncommon. If something doesn’t look right, pay inside.  

Keep an eye on cards.

Watch your card while it is out of your possession and ensure it is returned immediately after a completed transaction.

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Your second line of defense

Fleet managers play a key role in keeping fraud and misuse at bay through effective monitoring of card data. Voyager Fleet Card customers receive real-time alerts and controls that can limit transactions based on number per day, time of day, dollars per week, ZIP code and merchant, among others.

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