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The latest macroeconomic trends to help you manage your business

Stay on top of the latest updates affecting our economy from U.S. Bank leaders as they share their views on the economic landscape.

Managing business cash flow

Managing your own business takes ambition and vision. It also means managing your cash flow and staying organized.

Eight ways for small business owners to manage their cash flow

Especially for early startups, knowing how much cash is coming in and going out, and accurately forecasting sales and expenses, is key to maintaining your company’s health.

Unexpected expenses: 5 small business costs to know and how to finance them

Unexpected expenses like equipment breakdowns, license and permit fees, taxes, payment delays—there’s a lot of small business costs to worry about as an owner. Here are some unexpected expenses to watch out for, plus how best to prepare.

How to get faster funding and improve cash flow

Everyday Funding is a new funding platform designed to fit the way you do business. This recent innovation provides the fastest free/no-cost funding in the payment industry by making funds available within hours, seven days a week.

Leverage credit wisely to plug business cash flow gaps

Learn how you can better manage your business by understanding your cash flow problems and how to use credit to help plug cash flow gaps.

Solutions to help you manage your business

When it comes to managing your everyday operations, you need tools and solutions that make running a business easier. U.S. Bank offers everything you need to manage payments and cash flow in one place.

Keep tabs on your finances with the Online Business Banking Dashboard

With the Online Business Banking Dashboard online banking tool, you can easily view account summaries, transfer money, track your cash flow and much, much more to help manage your business.

Grow your business with flexible payment solutions.

Run your business better with a point-of-sale system designed around you. We offer plans with flexible hardware purchase or lease options, so you can accept payments in-store, on-the-go or across multiple locations with ease.

Access your cash management services with SinglePoint® Essentials

Want easy access to all of your U.S. Bank cash management services in one secure place with the convenience of multiple user control? You can have it all with SinglePoint Essentials.

Managing your business payments

Learn more about the right payments solutions to help you run your business more effectively.

Staying organized when taking payments.

Learn how our point of sale solutions offer key tools like invoicing to help manage and keep your business organized.

Four ways to make practical use of real-time payments

In a world that moves as fast as a mouse-click, here are some areas where businesses are seeing the benefits of real-time payments.

How to accept customer credit card payments online

Learn how U.S. Bank provides powerful business management capabilities, while delivering safe and secure credit card processing.

Navigate changing consumer behavior with service fees

Learn how we work with you to find solutions that boost your company's resilience and strengthen its customer relationships.

Paying suppliers

Read about how you can better manage your business by leveraging digital payments to move funds faster and to reduce the risks involved with paper checks.

Want AP automation to pay both business and consumers?

How AP automation helps streamline and simplify making payments to both businesses and consumers.

Turn risk into opportunity with supply chain finance

How businesses can navigate uncertainty by driving improved cashflow, supporting stronger relationships between suppliers and their customers, and improving visibility.

Managing your business finances

There’s a lot to consider when managing your business finances. Learn how to effectively manage your finances and set your business up for success.

Save time with mobile apps for business finances

How mobile apps can streamline your business finances, accounting, communications, and more.

Seven steps to keep your personal and business finances separate

How to help maintain a strong division between your personal and business finances with these 7 simple steps.

Streamline operations with all-in-one small business financial support

Here are six tools that support the financial needs of your small business and help streamline your business management operations.

Additional resources for managing your business

Hiring and managing employees

A small business’s success has a lot to do with its people – hiring the right team and keeping them engaged and motivated. Explore resources for understanding the costs and implications of bringing on new employees and how to retain the best talent.

The costs of hiring a new employee

Empowering team members

How to hire employees: Employee referral vs. external hiring

Talent acquisition 101: Building a small business dream team

Eight ways to increase employee engagement

Innovative payroll solutions

Marketing and promoting your business

Marketing is essential to the success of all businesses. Learn how to build and cultivate loyalty with your customers with these resources.

Five affordable small business marketing ideas when you have no budget

Essential marketing tools for any business

Improve the online presence of your business

Three ways to gain loyalty with your customers

Email marketing: 10 mistakes to avoid

Legal and regulatory

Have questions about legal issues, taxes or ethical concerns? Our experts weigh in to help answer your most pressing questions.

Making your business official

5 tips for helping employees raise ethics concerns

Fraud prevention checklist

The essential business tips for tax deductions

Let U.S. Bank fuel your passion.

Not sure where to begin? Find the right business banking options for your goals with our product selector.

Banking solutions for every business life stage

Starting a business

Starting a new business is an exciting time but there’s a lot to think about. We’ve broken down the basics that explain how to start a small business.

Growing a business

You're ready to make additional investments to grow your business. Discover business banking solutions and resources to help you plan for the future.

Transitioning and selling a business

Whichever path you take, you will need a plan. U.S. Bank has the resources and tools you need to learn how to plan and prepare for success.

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