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Credit & Spending Limits

Your business card program includes a credit limit for the company and spending limits for each cardmember.

Individual cardmember spending limits are determined by the Authorized Officer (AO) and may be set at a minimum of $100 to a maximum of the total company credit limit. The sum of all employee limits may exceed the total company credit limit.

The company will not be allowed to spend past its credit limit, nor will an employee cardmember be allowed to spend past their assigned limit. The AO can request an individual cardmember’s limit be changed at any time.

See “Common Questions” to learn about requesting a limit change or how a payment affects the available credit.

Common Questions

How to adjust spending limits?

The AO or AR can call Cardmember Service or send in the completed Employee Change Form to adjust the spending limits. The AO can download the form from Online Banking. See the Three Levels of Access page for more details.

How to request a company limit increase?

The AO can request a company credit line increase by calling the Cardmember Service number on the back of your card or by filling out the Employee Change Form. See the Three Levels of Access page for more details.

If you request a company credit limit above $25,000, you will need to provide two years of recent financial statements, as well as the following:

  • Required: Accountant-prepared balance sheet and 12-month income statement from the most recent two fiscal years, or two years of company tax returns. Interims also required if statements are over four months old.
  • Preferred: Audited financials, three years of financials, cash flow statements, and tax returns.

Can we pay down our balance mid-month to free up our available credit?

  • Central Billing: Yes, you may send in a payment before the due date on your statement. The payment will apply to the current company balance and refresh the available credit for the month. Only one additional payment per month will refresh the available credit. Learn more about Central Billing.
  • Individual Bill: Any payment made to an individual account will refresh the spending limit on that account.