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Learn About Central Billing

Most business accounts are set up with Central Billing because it is easier to manage just one statement for multiple cardholders.

Central Billing

The Authorized Officer/Accounts Payable receives one monthly statement that contains all the transactional activity broken out by each cardholder.

  • The Central Billing account will have a unique account number that is used for billing purposes only and cannot be used for making purchases. There is no card issued for the Central Billing account.
  • Individual cardmembers may receive memo statements if requested.
  • No payment can be made on individual cardmember accounts.
  • Individual cardmember accounts will never show a payment due because the payment due will show on the Central Billing account.


Individual Billing

Each cardmember receives their own personal statement which they are responsible for paying.

  • Company and Community Credit Cards are not eligible for this feature.


Credit Limits

See Manage Credit Limits to learn more about the overall company limit and individual spending limits.


Central Bill Online Access

The Authorized Officer needs to create a business online profile by registering his/her business credit card as the Authorized Officer, which will allow access to the Central Billing account and all the employee cards.

If the business profile is not created, the Authorized Officer will only see his/her individual business card account used for making purchases and will not see a minimum due because the minimum due only appears on the Central Billing account.

If the cardholder, Authorized Officer, or Employee has an Online Banking personal profile, the cardmember will see their business card account information.

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