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Market Analysis
January 10, 2022

With fourth quarter earnings season beginning this week, market expectations for year-over-year revenue and earnings are projected to increase roughly 13% and 22%, respectively. Learn how this may impact your investments in this week’s Market Analysis.

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2022 Investment Outlook

Company earnings continue to trend higher, providing valuation support and the basis for stock prices to move higher in 2022. Our investment strategists share important insights key to helping investors position their portfolios for the year ahead.

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How we analyze the economy

The economy doesn’t just move in a straight line. Our Health Check assesses its direction and how fast it’s moving.

U.S. Bank Global Health Check

What is greenwashing in investing?

Companies worldwide may misrepresent their green credentials to deceive investors and consumers for economic gain or public favor.

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Your guide to understanding investment fees

Learn how to make fee-conscious choices for your portfolio.

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3 steps to manage concentration risk in your portfolio

How to diversify a concentrated, and potentially risky, portfolio.

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Is investing in an initial public offering a good idea?

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding initial public offerings. Review these common misconceptions before investing.

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Impact of taxes on investment returns

Understanding your portfolio’s tax characteristics is a step toward more efficient investing.

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Market news

Timely insights to help you stay informed and up to date on current market activity and quarterly investment outlooks.

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Why – and how – to invest in commodities

In a world full of investment choices, you may want to consider commodities as part of your portfolio.

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What is an inherited IRA?

Here's what you need to know as a beneficiary, including how to open your own inherited IRA.

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How TIPS bonds can protect against inflation

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities may help safeguard your portfolio against the effects of rising prices, but they do include risks.

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What is impact investing?

Learn how your personal values can be meaningfully incorporated into your investment strategy.

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Consider a buy-and-hold strategy for long-term investing

Rather than trying to time the market, consider more time in the market with a buy-and-hold strategy.

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How presidential elections affect the stock market

A look at the historical performance of the markets during presidential election cycles.

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5 types of bonds to invest in for diversification

Looking to diversify your investment portfolio without increasing instability? Consider these bonds with a lower-risk profile.

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4 ways to manage downside risk

It’s important to have strategies in place that can shield your investments from losing value.

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Private market investing: Diversifying beyond public markets

Investing in private markets has unique characteristics, but it’s an option to consider if you’re looking for portfolio diversification.

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What to consider before you invest

Here are some important items to check off your financial to-do list before you start investing.

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3 types of debt to help reach your financial goals

Consider leveraged investing as part of your financial strategy.

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How diversification in investing may reduce risk

Why is diversification important in investing? Because risk never disappears – even in times of economic growth.

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What is a diversified portfolio?

Having tools in your portfolio that “zig” while others “zag” can help minimize the impact of market volatility.

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4 investing questions to ask

How you build your investment portfolio will depend on several factors. These questions can help guide your strategy.

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How to determine risk tolerance

Time horizon and emotional response are key factors in an individual’s risk tolerance.

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Agriculture investments and help for landowners to manage them

Smart land management is crucial for farm owners. Learn how to get the most out of this specialty asset.

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