What are my options for repaying or managing an ExtendPay Plan?

I just set up an ExtendPay Plan; why don’t I see it in my credit card account?
After creating an ExtendPay Plan, it can take 24 to 48 hours for it to appear in your account.

Can I cancel or change the length of my active ExtendPay Plan?
No. Once your ExtendPay Plan has been confirmed, it will remain active until the balance is paid in full. Plan lengths are final and can’t be changed. However, there are no penalties for early payoff. 

How can I pay off my ExtendPay Plan early?
You may pay off your ExtendPay Plan balance early by paying your current balance in full, which includes any activity on your credit card account since the previous statement.

If I pay my ExtendPay balance off early, am I still charged the monthly ExtendPay Fee?
Once you’ve paid your ExtendPay Plan balance in full, your ExtendPay Plan is completed, and no further ExtendPay Fees will be charged. 

How does an ExtendPay Plan affect my monthly credit card account payments? 
Your ExtendPay Plan will cause your monthly Minimum Payment to increase. Until the ExtendPay Plan is paid in full, your monthly Minimum Payment calculation will include your regular monthly payment amount (based on non-ExtendPay Plan balances) plus the monthly ExtendPay Plan principal and monthly ExtendPay Fee. See the “Minimum Payment” section of your Cardmember Agreement for more information. 

How do I make my monthly ExtendPay payment?
For new ExtendPay Plans – set up April 1, 2022, or later – your payments are included in your credit card’s minimum monthly payment. If you set up multiple new ExtendPay Plans, they will all be included in your total minimum monthly payment. Another option would be to pay your Plan Adjusted Balance, which is the amount you need to pay on your account each month to avoid any interest charges on new purchases during that statement period. It includes your monthly ExtendPay payment due plus the non-ExtendPay portion of your remaining statement balance. You can manage your payments from your account dashboard.

For ExtendPay Plans set up before April 1, 2022: Your ExtendPay Plans are a separate account from your credit card account and will appear under Loans, lines and leases in your account dashboard via online banking or the mobile app. You can view your plan balance and manage payments there.

Should I update or make changes to my existing automatic payments for my credit card?
If your autopay preferences are set up to pay more than the minimum payment due, you may want to adjust your payment amount. If your existing autopay preferences would pay off your entire statement balance, you’ll be prompted to update your preferences before you confirm your ExtendPay Plan.

You can adjust your autopay preferences at any time after setting up an ExtendPay Plan. If your automatic payment is scheduled within three business days from the date you requested the modification, we are unable to cancel or adjust the amount of that payment. Future autopay payments will reflect your requested adjustment.    

What is the Plan Adjusted Balance?
If you have an ExtendPay balance, the “Plan Adjusted Balance” is the amount you must pay on your Account each month to avoid paying interest on new purchases. It includes your monthly ExtendPay payment due plus the non-ExtendPay portion of your remaining statement balance. Check your Cardmember Agreement for full details.

Need more help?
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