How do I unenroll my mobile number and/or email address with Zelle?

If you don't want to send and receive money through Zelle®, follow these steps to unenroll from the service. You can always re-enroll at any time if you change your mind. If you have more than one piece of information enrolled with Zelle®, repeat these steps to unenroll them.

How to unenroll your mobile number or email address using online banking

  1. Choose Transfer & pay, select Send & request money with Zelle®, then choose Preferences.
  2. Select the mobile number or email you want unenrolled.
  3. In the pop-up, choose Unenroll, then select Save.

How to unenroll your mobile number or email address using the U.S. Bank Mobile app

  1. Choose Send money, then select Preferences.
  2. Locate the information to unenroll, then select Choose enrolled number or Choose enrolled email.
  3. Select the radio button next to the information you want removed.
  4. You'll receive a pop-up asking if you want to unenroll. Select Yes or No

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