How do I find my annual account summary for my credit card account?

To find your annual account summary login to our full desktop website. It's not available on mobile banking.

Note: The annual account summary for new an account is not available right away. New accounts need to complete one statement cycle before it's ready.

To view your annual account summary using online banking

  1. Choose your credit card account from the dashboard.
  2. Select the Account services tab, the choose Annual account summary.
    • If you are a business credit card holder, you will find the Annual account summary on the right of your screen, under Shortcuts.
  3. Choose the year you'd like, then press Download. This will automatically generate the report in a PDF file.

More information

Please be aware, data is updated monthly and should be available by the fifth business day of the following month.

Annual account summaries (AAS) are available for the following time frames:

  • Transactions made during the current year, up to the previous month the report is created (see Example A below).
  • Transactions made during the previous two years (see Example B below).

Example A: John logs into his credit card account on 6/21/23. The credit card was opened 6/1/23 and cycles on 7/1/23. Based on this information, he needs to wait until 7/7/23 to create a report.

Example B: Jane logs into her credit card account on 6/21/23. The credit card was opened in 1/12/23. Based on this information, she can create reports for:

  • Transactions from 1/1/23 through 5/31/23.
  • Transactions from 1/1/22 through 12/31/22.
  • Transactions from 1/1/21 through 12/31/21.