What is Smart Assistant and how does it work?

U.S. Bank Smart Assistant is a feature that helps customers navigate through our digital banking services.

The assistant uses your entries and responses to perform actions or make recommendations, based on the request. You can easily check your balances, pay bills, or even order checks.

  • Online banking: Type a command in the Smart Assistant search field located on the top of the page.
    For example, type "What bills are due this week?". The Smart Assistant will search for all the upcoming bills due for that week. 
  • Mobile banking: Select the blue microphone symbol at the top of the dashboard and speak or type a command.
    For example, say or type "What's the balance on my account?". A list of your accounts will appear for you to choose which one you'd like to review. 

If the microphone is disabled on your mobile device, Smart Assistant won't be able to "hear" you or verbally respond to commands. In this case, use the keyboard feature on the mobile device to type your commands.