How do I know if my bill payment will be electronic or paper?

Most bill payments are sent electronically. However, some may be sent as paper checks if the amount is above the electronic payment threshold, or the company doesn’t accept electronic payments.

You can determine which type of payment will be sent based on the available payment dates displayed in the scheduling calendar. If your first available payment date is:

  • Two business days or sooner: The biller accepts electronic payments.
  • Three business days or more: The biller doesn’t accept electronic payments. Therefore, it will be sent as a paper check.

More information

  • If the above two reasons listed above aren't applicable you can delete and re-add the biller. Payments should default back to an electronic option.
  • Safe Debit accounts can only be used to pay billers listed in our system that accept electronic payments. Express, future-dated, and recurring payment options are not available.