What is a mortgagee clause and how do I update the insurance information on my mortgage?

Mortgagee clause

A mortgagee clause is a provision in a homeowner’s insurance policy that ensures any unpaid loan amount is paid if a loss or damage of property happens. This is accomplished by allocating a portion of the insurance proceeds to the lender.

Updating your insurance information

It’s important U.S. Bank is listed as the mortgagee on your new insurance policy. If it doesn't list U.S. Bank in the clause, please contact your insurance carrier. Provide them with the information below.

U.S. Bank National Association
Its Successors and/or Assigns
C/O U.S. Bank Home Mortgage
PO Box 961045
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0045

You can send us a copy of your new insurance policy by mailing it to our address (see above), by faxing it to 831-296-1656 or by going online to

To update your information using your mobile or desktop device, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select Upload my insurance document.
  3. Provide your first and last name, loan number, and email address.
  4. Choose Select a document to Upload. You’ll need to upload your document in a in a .TIF, .JPG or .PDF format. It also needs to be less than 10Mb.
  5. Choose your insurance document from your saved files.

The digital form automatically submits your personal information and document once the upload is complete.

More information

Please ensure there's no lapse in coverage by scheduling your current policy to be cancelled the day before the new one takes effect.

If you have an escrow account:

  • Only one policy change can be paid from your escrow account in any rolling 12-month period.
  • Please provide a copy of the new policy at least 30 days before the existing one expires. If we don’t receive it by then, a payment may be processed to your existing policy.
    • If we have processed the payment, your insurance company may refund you directly.
    • If you receive the refund, send it to U.S. Bank for deposit into your escrow account. If it's not sent, it may result in an escrow shortage which will increase your mortgage payment.

If we receive the refund, we'll deposit it in your escrow account. Then we’ll update your insurance information and the premium to pay the correct carrier.

If you have questions about your mortgage account, please call us at 800-365-7772. We accept relay calls.

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