What are the fees for photocopies of checks and other images?

We make it easy to view check and deposit slip images in your digital banking. You can view your items posted within the last 90 days at no charge. After 90 days from posting a fee may be charged for each copy.

  • Consumer checking and savings accounts receive copies at no charge.
  • Small Business and Non-Profit checking accounts can receive the first two copies for free. Additional ones are $2 each.
  • Business Premium and Business Premium Non-Profit checking accounts are charged $12 per copy.

More information

For help viewing copies of your items, seeHow do I find copies of my checks and deposit slip images?

You can always refer to your Consumer Pricing Information or Business Pricing Information with any fee questions. If you need a copy of your Business Pricing Information, please visit a branch. See alsoHow can I find a U.S. Bank ATM or branch location near me?