How do I enable Siri to check my account balance on my iPhone/iPad?

You can now use Siri to find out what your account balance is without logging in, here's how:

  1. Check to see if you meet the following requirements: 
    • U.S. Bank Mobile app installed
    • iPhone or iPad with IOS 10.3.3 or later
    • Siri enabled on the device
  1. If the requirements are met:
    1. Log into mobile banking.
    2. Select the Menu icon in the upper left of page, then Login & Security.
    3. Select the toggle switches to Allow Siri Balance Request, then Continue.
    4. You'll be asked if you'd like to use "U.S. Bank with Siri". Select OK to complete the setup.

You can verify your setup was successful by following these steps:

  1. Activate Siri by saying Hey Siri” or push and hold the home button. 
    • If you're using more than one bank app, you must say "U.S. Bank" in the request.
  2. Ask for the balance by account type or account nickname.
  3. Siri will display the results on the screen. They won't be read out loud.
    • If more than one account matches the description of the request, select it from the choices provided to see the details.
    • The balances displayed in Siri will match the balances on the account dashboard (i.e. available balance for checking/savings accounts and balance owed for credit cards).

*If you have an iPhone 5S, iPhone6/6 Plus, iPod Touch (6th generation), iPad Mini2, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air you won't be able to update or use the app, as Apple doesn't support iOS 13 on those devices.