How do I change the business name on my credit card account?

If you need to make changes to the name on your business credit card, we're here to help.

Change Company Name: Two letters or less
We can help you by phone, give us a call at 866-485-4545. We accept relay calls. Note: We can also add Independent Consultant to the embossed name by phone.  

Change Company Name: More than two letters
Please send a signed written request, along with legal documentation*, by fax or mail to:
  • Fax: 866-807-9053
  • Mail: Cardmember Service PO Box 6353 Fargo, ND 58125-6353
More information
We'll send a new card for all eligible card holders. The embossed name can be up to 21 characters.
*Acceptable legal documents need to clearly show the change from one business name or TIN to the other. Legal documentation include:
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Filed tax forms
  • Licenses
  • Other legal/notarized documents