How do I change the business name on my credit card account?

To change your company name on your credit card, follow the applicable steps below. 

Change Company Name: Two letters or less
Any available representative can process a minor name change, just call 866-485-4545.   
Note: We can also add Independent Consultant to the embossed name by phone.  

Change Company Name: More than two letters
Please send a signed written request, along with legal documentation, by fax or mail to:
  • Fax: 866-807-9053
  • Mail: Cardmember Service PO Box 6353 Fargo, ND 58125-6353
Additional Information
We’ll send a new card for all eligible customers. The embossed name can be up to 21 characters.
Acceptable legal documents need to clearly show the change from one business name or TIN to the other. Legal documentation include:
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Filed tax forms
  • Licenses
  • Other legal/notarized documents