Move your business funds safer, faster and smarter.

Your business moves in real time, and so should your payments. Instant payments enable better business across a wide range of functions through secure payment platforms. Send, receive and request immediate payments with an end-to-end payment solution that streamlines the experience for customers, vendors and employees.

Experience the benefits of instant payments.

Through the RTP network and FedNow Service, you’ll realize tangible benefits that have the power to fuel your payments transformation.


Funds are available to the receiving person or business immediately, 24/7, every day of the year.


Every payment is irrevocable and confirmed within seconds.



Rich payment and remittance data through ISO 20022 reduces manual collection.

High transaction limits

Transaction limits are $1 million on the RTP network and $500,000 for FedNow Service.

Move money in real-time.

With the RTP network and FedNow Service, payment experiences are modernized with near-instant payment confirmations, reduced reconciliation costs and improved cash flow.

Use instant payments to:

  • Send money: Disburse near-instant funds with immediate availability to businesses or consumers, even on nights, weekends and holidays.
  • Request payment: Initiate a Request for Payment (RfP), which sends a data-rich digital bill through the receiver’s bank that allows an immediate payment back.*

*Available now through the RTP network; expected future addition to the FedNow Service.

Grow your organization with a suite of U.S. Bank-backed payment services.

As one of the first banks to initiate a real-time payment through the RTP network, we've built a highly scalable payments infrastructure from the ground up. To help you build an end-to-end experience, we stay on the leading edge and always put your needs at the center of our solutions.

Connect to your business.*


*Instant payments are available for these services through the RTP network; availability through FedNow expected in the future.

Fund your business.

  • Free up available credit by making payments up to $10MM with your commercial card program.
  • Use Everyday Funding, to manage daily business without delay, within hours of a batch submission, seven days a week.

How can instant payments work for you?

Incorporate instant payments where it makes the most sense for your organization. Common ways to use instant payments include:

End-of-shift payments.

Account-to-account transfers.

Emergency payroll or vendor payments.

Paying vendors on the due date.

Immediate payment for the sale of a property or vehicle.

Transactions with suppliers and trading partners.

Customer payments including refunds or insurance claims.

Immediate payment of non-payroll expenses, including travel and relocation.

Gain insights into how instant payments transform money movement.

Woman standing next to a seated man and they are looking at a laptop screen together at work.

The instant payment ecosystem is evolving quickly.

The RTP network and FedNow Service are transforming money movement with immediate settlement and 24/7 availability.

3 ways to make practical use of real-time payments

Explore 3 ways to apply instant payments.

There are practical ways to benefit from the value of instant payments, including immediate settlement and faster, more efficient money movement.

Borsheims evolves their payment landscape with eBill Service

Discover how Request for Payments (RfP) changes the bill pay game.

New technology through the RTP network lets businesses send digital bills and receive payments back immediately, which accelerates billing.

Find answers to your questions about instant payments.

Talk to an instant payments expert.

Reach out to our team anytime to talk about real time payments and what we can do to help you understand, adopt and benefit from the latest in payment technology.

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