Complete control over your working capital.

Unlike ACH or wire transfers, real-time payments settle in seconds, giving you more flexibility with your cash flow management. Not only can you fund your U.S. Bank corporate credit card program or free up your available balance in real time, but your cards can be used instantly for additional business purchases.

An innovative payment solution

Timely and secure payments are critical for organizations looking to maximize the working capital benefits of their corporate credit card program. Because of this, we’re always looking at new technologies that impact the way money moves.

Recent innovations are making payments easier and frictionless. Through our partnership with The Clearing House, we’re the first bank to leverage the RTP® network to fund your card program or pay down your balance immediately, 24/7.

Uncover the advantages of real-time payments


Payments post to your U.S. Bank corporate credit card account within seconds, freeing up funds immediately whenever you need them for additional purchases.


Real-time payments are always on and available 24/7, giving you greater control over your cash flow and helping you manage your working capital more effectively.


Integrated information flows allow you to readily track payment status and upload reports to your accounts payable system.


Once a payment is submitted, it’s considered final and cannot be revoked or recalled.


Payments travel on the RTP network and move directly from your bank account to U.S. Bank.

Cost effective

Reduced processing times and a lack of costly wire fees save your organization both time and money.

Easy and simple to use

Seamlessly fund your corporate card program or pay down your balance through U.S. Bank SinglePoint® or any financial institution participating in the RTP network.

Learn how Mediaspace benefited from the ease and simplicity of real-time payments by listening to Season 4, Episode 1 of the Payments Nerds podcast from The Clearing House.

Real-time payments in action

See how U.S. Bank client Dave Wolf, owner of United States Tower Services, benefited from using real-time payments in conjunction with his corporate credit card program.

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Notice: Foreign-denominated transactions are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance, or any other insurance or guaranty program.

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