Charitable giving strategies

The Center for Family Philanthropy

The Center for Family Philanthropy at U.S. Bank helps individuals and families develop strategies to maximize the impact of their charitable giving.

We can help you realize your philanthropic goals by crafting a charitable giving approach that supports the causes and organizations that are most important to you.

  • Align your values with your giving.
  • Understand how your gifts can make a difference.
  • Plan and create meaningful philanthropic programs.
  • Create a lasting impact for your family and community.

Increase the impact of your charitable giving

  • Donor-advised fund

    An easy and tax-efficient way to make a charitable impact

    • Tax-deductible deposits in the year contributions are made
    • Flexibility to make grants immediately or schedule well into the future
    • Initial deposit as little as $5,000 to get started
  • Private foundations

    Build your legacy of support to stand the test of time with these services:

    • Lasting giving strategies to support the causes and organizations important to you
    • Grant administration including due diligence on applicants, grant award processing, state filing and tax reporting
    • Asset management for a diversified portfolio
  • Charitable trusts

    Provide support for specific charities by setting up an irrevocable trust in one of two ways

    Charitable Remainder Trust – Retain an income stream for your family while donating to your favorite cause.

    Charitable Lead Trust – Make ongoing donations to charity, while reducing gift and estate taxes for beneficiaries when they receive the remainder after a set period.

    Learn more about trusts and estates

Ready to start giving?

Whether you're just starting to craft your philanthropic vision or need help with more complex giving strategies, we have the expertise and experience to help you.

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Add deeper meaning to your giving

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