Specialty asset management

Manage your nonfinancial assets

Specialty assets – or nonfinancial assets – may include farms, ranches, real estate interests, closely held businesses or natural resources rights.

Such assets can offer significant upside potential but can also present oversight and administrative challenges, requiring expertise and careful stewardship.

When it’s time to pass specialty assets on to the next generation – or when you decide to cut back on day-to-day involvement in their management – experienced assistance from our Specialty Asset Management Group at U.S. Bank can be invaluable.

Farm and ranch management

Whether you need us to manage your farm, serve as your trustee or serve in any other capacity, we’ve got you covered. We have managed farms and ranches on a daily basis for more than 65 years. Our team supervises more than 2,700 farms covering over 460,000 acres.

Real estate management

As a real estate owner, you face a wide variety of factors that can impact your holdings such as local market conditions, shifting market cycles and a volatile economy. You also may need hands-on help with repairs, renovation and ongoing maintenance; property management and leasing; administration of property taxes, insurance and loans; or property sales.

Closely held assets

As a holder of assets in a business, you may need a third-party business appraisal, a succession plan or support for acquisition or sale of assets. You may also need asset oversight and monitoring. Our team advises a wide array of equity interests, including closely held corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), business trusts and joint ventures.

Natural resources

When you have oil, gas or mineral holdings, you can look to us to help you assess market conditions and effectively position your holdings in the current environment. Our team works with key industry partners and applies technology and innovative resources to give you recommendations.

A dedicated team to help manage your specialty assets

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and learn how our Specialty Asset Management Group can help with the management of your nonfinancial assets.

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