About our office

The Beverly Hills team supports the wealth goals of individuals and families. We work with a wide range of clients, with varying life experiences and backgrounds. Our office has deep expertise in working with business owners, executives and modern families; however, we’re able to advise regarding many unique needs or situations. We’re committed to helping you work toward the life and legacy you envision and deserve.

Meet our Private Wealth Management team

headshot of Reza Sarem Aslani

Reza Sarem Aslani

Private Wealth Advisor, 310-205-7558

headshot of Rahel Cook

Rahel Cook

Private Wealth Advisor, 213-615-6544

headshot of Kyle Dunphy

Kyle Dunphy

Private Wealth Advisor, 310-913-9587

headshot of Zhanna Fish

Zhanna Fish

Private Wealth Advisor Managing Director, 310-492-0216

headshot of Mario Hernandez

Mario Hernandez

Private Wealth Advisor, 310-492-0215

headshot of Clint Hodges

Clint Hodges

Private Wealth Advisor, 310-739-8132

headshot of Matthew Roberts

Matthew Roberts

Private Wealth Advisor Managing Director, 562-708-9264

headshot of David Wong

David Wong

Private Wealth Advisor, 424-425-4370

Our leadership

Empowering people to leave the legacy they envision is at the center of all we do.
Omid Noori, Market Leader, Greater Los Angeles

Engaged in our communities

U.S. Bank believes in giving back. Over the past three years in our community, we’ve provided over $8 million in U.S. Bank Foundation and corporate giving and over 10,000 in volunteer hours. Our team is actively involved in providing support through California Science Center, YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, Pacific Symphony and others.

Insights from our experts

Investing insights

Are you a beginning investor wondering where to start? Even if sometimes confusing, the average investor can grow and preserve wealth by taking advantage of a number of investment strategies. While you can't predict what the markets will do next you can take some basic investing steps to ensure you're investing wisely.

Preparing a business exit strategy: Key factors to consider

A business exit strategy can help ensure your desired objectives and timing are met when you sell your business. Keep these key considerations top of mind.

Strategies for navigating family finance conversations

Money can be hard to talk about, especially with family. These three strategies can help you have more productive financial planning conversations.