For many corporate executives, time is your most precious commodity. You’re trying to ensure the success of your business and team, while enjoying your family life and supporting your local community. This can make it difficult to find adequate time to manage your wealth and complex financial situation.

We can help you maximize your compensation benefits by working with you to diversify your stock options and overall portfolio to reduce risk, minimize taxes and more.

Your Private Wealth Advisor understands your unique challenges and can help you create a wealth plan that meets your needs.

Specialized wealth strategies


Maximize your compensation

Many corporate executives have complex compensation plans that require special attention and financial planning. Our range of specialized wealth advisory services can help you:

  • Maximize compensation and manage concentrated stock positions
  • Manage regulatory constraints and company hold requirements
  • Leverage net unrealized capital appreciation
  • Participate in deferred compensation plans
  • Manage distribution decisions
  • Choose pension distribution elections
  • Minimize taxes
  • Create a stock option strategy to preserve holdings

Find the right balance


Personal financial planning

We approach wealth planning the way you approach business planning.

We act as your executive team, coordinating and ensuring all strategies and tasks are aligned to focus on your overall financial objectives.  We measure your progress relative to your goals and meet with you regularly to adjust course as necessary. 

In short, we simplify your financial life and help you optimize the corporate benefits available to you as you build your wealth and work toward your financial goals.

Portfolio diversification


Better risk management

Restricted share units, incentive options and non-qualified options account for half of most executives’ annual compensation. Studies show that inefficient exercise of stock options can actually destroy a significant amount of your holdings.1

While stock diversification does not guarantee returns or protect against losses, it can help reduce portfolio volatility and the risk of returns associated with an individual holding. There’s a 41 to 50 percent chance that a portfolio consisting of a single stock will fall 25 percent or more in a given five-year period, compared with a 13 percent probability for a diversified portfolio.2

Our team can build a comprehensive and diverse wealth plan that also accounts for your taxes and stocks, all to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our services


Your vision, our expertise

With your goals in mind, your Private Wealth Advisor will design a custom financial plan that brings together the right mix of products and services to fit your needs. Select any of the following links to learn more about our services.

Insurance products are available through our affiliate U.S. Bancorp Investments.



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