Customize your account alerts.

Account alerts inform you via text1 or email about balances, transfers, payments and other transactions. You can choose and customize the account alerts you want to receive for U.S. Bank checking and savings accounts, credit cards and ATM/debit cards.

It's easy to set up custom alerts in the U.S. Bank Mobile App. Just open the app and select Notifications from the main menu to get started. 

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  • Checking and savings hides details

    • Negative balances
    • Balances that fall below a dollar amount you choose
    • Deposits or withdrawals that exceed a specified dollar amount
    • Overdrafts and overdraft protection transfers (checking only)
    • Availability of new statements and other online documents
  • Credit cards shows details

    • Balances and transactions that exceed a dollar amount you choose
    • Available credit that falls below a specified dollar amount
    • Payments and credits posted to your account
    • Payments due or overdue
    • AutoPay payments scheduled or processed
    • Transactions with higher fraud risk, such as ATM cash withdrawals, international transactions, gas station purchases, and purchases made without a card present
    • Declined transactions
  • ATM/debit cards shows details

    • ATM cash withdrawals
    • Transactions that exceed a dollar amount you choose
    • International transactions
    • Gas station purchases
    • Purchases made without a card present
    • Declined transactions

Log in to, choose Customer service from the main menu and select My alerts to get started choosing yours.

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Always-on security alerts

To ensure the safety of your accounts, we'll always send you automatic alerts when we receive instructions to make important changes to your account, including:

  • Address, email or phone number changes
  • Changes to your username, password, PINs and other verification credentials
  • ATM/debit card changes (reports of lost/stolen cards, new card requests, card reissue notices, PIN changes, PIN sent by mail)
  • Reactivation of dormant checking and savings accounts

We’ll also let you know if your username and password are ever suspended due to multiple incorrect login attempts.

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