What is EasyTax?

It's a secure and easy way to pay your business’s federal and state tax payments online or over the phone. With this, there’s no need to write a check anymore. All you have to do is pay a one-time setup fee to enroll in the service.

  • Once enrolled, you will receive an access number and PIN to start paying your business taxes online.
  • Use your access number and PIN to initiate payments online or by phone at least one business day prior to the tax due date.
  • U.S. Bank deducts the payment from your U.S. Bank Business Checking account.
  • U.S. Bank also sends payments to the appropriate state agency, or the IRS based on the calculated due date.

Once you're enrolled, you’ll have access to different reports and copies of your receipts. If you choose to have these sent electronically, they’re free of charge. If you choose to have them sent by mail or fax, a fee per item applies.

EasyTax website:
EasyTax customer service: 866-489-4450