What is overdraft protection?

Overdraft protection covers transactions that might cause an overdraft. You can link any eligible* account to your checking as overdraft protection. 

  • Funds are automatically transferred from the linked account to cover the balance in the event of an overdraft.
  • If you link more than one eligible account, you can select the order you’d like the accounts accessed for funds.
  • All available funds in your linked account(s) will be used.
  • If the funds transferred doesn’t cover the transaction(s), Standard Overdraft Coverage will apply.

Please be aware, the signers on the checking account must match the signers on the account linked for overdraft protection.

Credit products used for overdraft protection may be subject to additional charges such as annual fees and interest charges that will accrue on the amounts advanced.

*Eligible accounts with U.S. Bank include: savings, secondary personal checking, reserve line of credit, credit card, personal line of credit and home equity line of credit.