How do I enroll, edit, or cancel autopay for my mortgage?

How to manage your mortgage’s autopay using digital banking:

  1. Select your mortgage account from the dashboard.
    • If you have multiple U.S. Bank accounts, choose View and manage.
    • If you only have a mortgage, choose View, pay & manage.
  1. Choose Payment at the top of the page.
    Mobile user’s only: Open the main menu (three vertical dots) first, then choose “Payment”.
    • To enroll, select Enroll in Autopay (found below the Payment date field) and complete the form. Review the terms and condition, then select the check box to acknowledge them. Select Enroll to complete the setup.
    • To edit an existing setup, select Modify Autopay if you want to change something.
    • To cancel autopay, select Unenroll from Autopay to cancel it.

Additional information

When you enroll or edit an existing autopay setup, the confirmation page includes the date the next payment will be made. This is the first one your setup or changes apply to. You may want to keep track of it and plan accordingly.

This process may not change the current month's payment information. You can review the pending payment and make changes as needed. See also: How do I edit or cancel my mortgage payment?

If it's less than three business days before the scheduled date, the existing autopayment can't be cancelled and we'll pull the payment as scheduled.

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