Which autopay options are available for my credit card?

We offer several different autopay options for your credit card. Here's a quick overview to help you pick which is best for you. To easily set up autopay, see: How do I set up autopay for my credit card, loan, lease or line of credit?

Amounts to pay

  • Minimum payment: Pay the minimum amount due.
  • Statement balance: Pay the full balance of your billing statement.
  • Minimum payment with extra: Pay the minimum amount due, plus a fixed dollar amount you enter.
  • Other amount: Pay whatever fixed amount you'd like, as long as the minimum amount due is covered.

Frequency of payment

You can choose the automatic payment to be made on the due date or paid a number of days before it's due.

Accounts to pay from

Use any checking or savings account opened in the United States. If it's with U.S. Bank, we'll populate your account information automatically. If it's with another financial institution, we'll need you to provide the account information. See: How do I add, edit, or remove an external bank account to pay a U.S. Bank account?

More information

  • Each month's automatic payment amount is updated the day after the statement cycles.
  • If your minimum amount due is greater than what you set up, we'll change the payment amount to equal the minimum due.
  • If your statement balance is less than what you set up, we'll change the payment amount to equal the statement balance.
  • Payments scheduled on a weekend or holiday will be processed the next business day. In the event this happens, we do not consider the payment late.