How do I add, edit, or remove an external bank account to pay a U.S. Bank account?

Let's start with explaining what we mean by external bank accounts. An external bank account is a checking or savings account that's with another financial institution. You can add or remove an external payment account at any time. However, the existing information can't be edited. Instead, it'll need to be removed, then added again.

If your external payment account isn't showing after adding it or you're experiencing other technical difficulties, contact us at 800-987-7237. We accept relay calls.

Online banking

  1. Select Bill Payments, then choose Manage external account.
  2. To add:
    1. Select Add external account, then choose the account type.
    2. Enter the routing and account numbers, then select Submit.
      Note: If the message "Request temporary deposit" appears, continue to the Microdeposit section below.
  3. To remove:
    1. Select Delete to the right of the external payment account.
    2. Select Yes, Delete, once more to confirm.

U.S. Bank Mobile App

  1. Select the account to pay, then choose Make a payment.
  2. Select the blue Pay button. Then choose Pay from >, found below "Pay this amount" and "Deliver payment by".
  3. To add:
    1. Select the plus sign icon to the right of "Link a bank account".
    2. Enter the routing and account number, then select Add account.
      Note: If the message "Request temporary deposit" appears, continue to the Microdeposit section below.
  4. To remove:
    1. Choose Manage your linked bank accounts.
    2. Select the trashcan icon to the right of the account number.
    3. Then, select Remove to complete the action.


If we're unable to complete instant verification, we'll use our microdeposit process to verify the external account. We start by making two small deposits (i.e., microdeposits) of less than $1, within one to three business days. You'll make note of the amounts, then log into mobile or online banking to enter those amounts to complete the process. 

To request a temporary deposit:

  1. On the Add an account page, select Send my deposits.
    Note: Choosing Cancel will exit the process and you won't be able to make a payment using the external account.
  2. Select Done on the Your deposits on their way screen.

To verify the external account:

  1. Find the microdeposits in your external account, then log in to U.S. Bank mobile or online banking.
  2. Choose Bill payments (online banking), or Pay a bill (mobile app), then select Manage External Accounts.
  3. Select Verify now next to the account to be verified.
    Note: Unverified accounts with outstanding temporary deposits will appear under the Immediate Action Needed heading.
  4. Input the amount of each temporary deposit, then select Verify.