How do I exchange or sell my foreign currency?

Visit a U.S. Bank branch and a banker will help you through the process. We encourage you to make an appointment to allow time for questions and processing.

Full order returns within seven (7) days of purchase:

  • We will buy back the currency at the same exchange rate used for purchase.
  • A $10 return fee applies.

Full or partial returns after seven (7) days of purchase:

  • We'll process your return at the current day's exchange rate.
  • A $10 fee applies to returns of $250 USD or less.

More information

Things to know before visiting with a branch banker:

  • You'll need to have a checking, savings, or money market account with us.
  • Bring valid identification with you at the time of the visit.
  • Foreign currency is subject to review.
  • The total value of the currency must be at least $20 (USD). Foreign coins are not accepted. 
  • Foreign draft sales aren't available; however, an international wire transfer may be used as an alternate option.