How do I schedule an appointment at a U.S. Bank branch?

Schedule an appointment whenever you need to see us. There’re a few ways you can do this:

  • Visit us at, select Locations and choose Make an appointment.
  • Ask our Smart assistant to “make an appointment”.
  • Log into digital banking and follow the steps below.

We suggest keeping your confirmation email to reschedule or cancel, if needed. Wealth Management customers, please contact your Wealth Management banker directly. 

To schedule an appointment using digital banking

  1. Online banking: Select Need help? at the top of the page, then choose Make an appointment.
    Mobile banking: Open the main menu, select Help & services, scroll down and choose Make an appointment.
  2. Choose whether to Make a personal appointment or Make a business appointment.
  3. Select a service to meet about.
  4. Choose a meeting method.
    • Select to meet with us in-person, by phone, or by video conference.
    • Use the location feature to select the branch you’d like to contact.
  5. Select your meeting details.
    • Tell us if you have a preferred staff member you’d like to meet with.
      • Select Anyone available if you’re fine with meeting with the next available banker.
      • Select A specific staff member if you know who you’d like to meet with. Search for their name and select it to find their appointment availability.
    • Choose a date and time to meet.
  6. Enter the following details, then select Book appointment.
    • Your first and last name.
    • Your email address.
    • Your mobile number*.
    • Additional details you’d like to provide (Don't include sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers, account numbers, etc.).
    • Additional attendees (select Add additional attendee if another person is joining the appointment).

*When providing a mobile phone number, you’re expressly consenting to receiving communications and non-marketing text messages from us and our affiliates. Select “Read full cellular phone contact policy and appointment text messaging disclosure for more details. If you agree, select the check box.

To freely explore our digital banking services without using your own account, visit our Digital Banking Simulators page. If you'd like a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a specific service or feature, check out our Digital Explorer page.