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As the chosen provider for top hotel brands, franchisees, property management companies, and REITs, we offer complete payment processing, payment gateway, and transaction security solutions. Relationships matter—and we bring a legacy of integrity and innovation to every partnership.

Hospitality and travel payment solution features


A single network that accepts multiple payment types raises the bar for your brand and your guests. Our solution offers fast, flexible convenience with full authorization, processing, settlement and support for credit and debit card transactions. We support all major credit cards and mobile wallets.

Fusebox: Our hosted payment gateway

Handle payments simply and safely. Fusebox is a secure, reliable, and PCI-DSS-certified hosted gateway that connects with your property management system to provide EMV chip card acceptance, tokenization and encryption.

Transaction security

Fight fraud and defend against data breaches with multiple layers of security. By combining EMV, encryption, and tokenization, our approach locks down sensitive payment information to give your guests and your brand peace of mind.

Next-generation EMV payment devices

Be prepared for evolving market needs with our certified EMV devices. Their NFC-enabled operating systems let you accept contactless payments and mobile wallets, including Apple Pay® and Google Pay®, for a frictionless guest experience.

Food and beverage payments

Make dining more satisfying for guests and easier for your team with mobile ordering and tableside payments. Fast, safe, and simple, these convenient options can speed table turnover, reduce chargebacks and meet guest expectations.

Build your brand, discover savings and drive revenue.

Our solutions empower you to increase guest loyalty by offering benefits like secure, cloud-based invoicing for events and stress-reducing currency conversion services for international travelers. Whatever your goals, our consultants work with you to solve challenges, simplify processes, and earn rave reviews from your guests.

Reduce chargebacks and drive revenue.

Replacing paper authorization forms with cloud-based invoicing minimizes the risk of PCI-DSS violations. Our Converge Hospitality system issues real-time digital email invoices for third-party customers or planners so they can securely pay online for amenities or room-related charges.

Dynamic Currency Conversion boosts revenue.

Make life simpler for international travelers with the option to view and pay for transactions in either local or their home currency. We cover 66+ global currencies for any qualified Visa® or Mastercard® transaction. Your hotel earns a rebated commission on qualified DCC transactions.



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