Optimize and expand your payment methods.

We offer payment technology and expertise from a single source so you can concentrate on your mission.

Government payment solutions

All-in-one payment solutions

Accept payments in-person, unattended and digitally - anywhere, anytime. Our payment consultants can collaborate with you to design customized payment systems to meet the specific needs of your agency.

Service fees

Reduce or offset the cost of accepting payments when you adopt a service fee program. Cost savings realized from a service fee program can help government agencies fund necessary services for the community. We can navigate the card brand rules to help you implement a card brand-compliant program.

Mass transit payments

Simplify fare acceptance and ticketing. With tap-and-pay solutions, transit agencies can reduce transaction touchpoints, generate cost-savings and expedite the passenger journey.

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP)

Digital billing enriches the overall customer experience, supplies actionable analytics, and accelerates payment. Giving citizens flexible billing and payment options can help your agency to meet its revenue and budget goals.

Improve the transit experience with contactless payments.

Our Mass Transit Payment solutions can help your transit agency deliver a seamless, simple payment experience and speed up fare collection.

Why do payments matter to government organizations?

The right payment system that incorporates efficient payment processing can help state and local governments deliver results for citizens.

Reason 1: Consumer expectations are changing.

Citizens desire easy, flexible digital billing and payment options including contactless and digital wallets. When you enable your customers to make payments on their own time, any time, through their preferred means, you expand access to your services and minimize potential disruptions to your cash flow.

Reason 2: Variable payment processing costs can have an unexpected impact on your bottom line.

Payment processing costs can vary from month to month depending on shifts in your payment mix and methods. These unexpected changes can have a downstream effect on your expenses. When you use our payment optimization strategies you gain more control and predictability in your card acceptance costs.

Reason 3: Ease of payment can affect mass transit ridership.

Collect fares faster and expedite service with open-loop contactless payments. With the help of tap-n-go payments, you can enhance the commuter experience by allowing passengers to skip long lines and board transit faster.


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Woman standing in her kitchen and using her laptop to pay a bill.

Navigate changing consumer behavior with service fees.

Understanding constituents’ attitudes to service fees can help government agencies evolve payments practices.

How electronic billing platforms improve government payments.

Citizens are gravitating to easier, environmentally friendly ways to pay opting for tap-n-go payments, online payment portals, and pay by text.

The safety of contactless payments.

Give your citizens and staff peace of mind with contactless payment solutions that reduce transaction touchpoints.

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