Discover the power of embedded payments.

Gain greater flexibility, control and mobility with U.S. Bank Card as a Service (CaaS) – a highly tailorable, embedded virtual credit card solution. With CaaS, you can break free from traditional payment processes, unlock new revenue streams, and modernize your payment experience.

Enhance the customer experience.

Improve customer satisfaction and retention with convenient, on-the-spot payments.

Create dynamic spend controls.

Ensure policy adherence by setting controls on purchase size, merchant categories, card velocity and time limits.

Improve efficiency and cut costs.

Reduce the manual practices and extra costs involved in processing and mailing checks.

Reduce fraud.

Create highly secure payments by limiting to specific purchases and setting short expiration periods. Tokenization and mobile wallet use add additional layers of security.

Unlock your card program’s value.

Discover new ways to increase your rebate potential. CaaS can capture previously uncardable expenses, like claims payments or travel reimbursements, as part of your U.S. Bank credit or pre-funded corporate credit card program.

Deliver a digital-first payment experience.

Whether for reimbursements, unexpected expenses or supplier purchases, CaaS makes it easy to create and send virtual cards to your customers’ digital wallets in mere seconds.

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Flexible capabilities for advanced control

CaaS payment APIs:

  • Allow provisioning a virtual card to a mobile wallet.
  • Include immediate access to transaction data and available credit balance.
  • Provide the ability to deactivate cards and change credit limits.
  • Contain extensive controls, like spending limits, expiration dates and merchant category code blocking, so you maintain expense oversight.
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Support that’s invested in you

We’re invested in our partners and that’s why we provide comprehensive financial capabilities, dedicated support, and collaborative onboarding and implementation. Access the technical documentation needed to build your payment experience in our developer portal.

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The best of banking and fintech in a single partner

Combining the trusted security of a bank with the innovative tools and strategies of a fintech, U.S. Bank leads the evolution of virtual credit card services. Enhance your payment experience with the only solution that seamlessly integrates commercial credit with payment APIs into your existing platform – all with a single financial institution.

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Notice: Foreign-denominated transactions are subject to foreign currency exchange risk. Customers are not protected against foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations by FDIC insurance, or any other insurance or guaranty program.

The foregoing products are available solely for business transactions and not for personal, family or household transactions.