What is QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a financial management software tool designed specifically for small businesses that help you keep track of and manage your money. With U.S. Bank, you can connect your financial institution with QuickBooks Online to manage your bank and credit card transactions all in one place. You can also sign up for Direct Connect with bill pay capability. With Direct Connect, you can easily:

  • Import your transaction data and account information from U.S. Bank.
  • Reconcile downloaded transactions with your online software register.
  • Schedule and pay bills to almost anywhere in the United States.

Three simple ways to access your business account information with QuickBooks.

Connect your financial institution

Connect to your U.S. Bank account from within QuickBooks Online at no extra cost. From your QuickBooks software, simply add your account by selecting “U.S. Bank” as the financial institution.

Download from online banking

Log in to online banking and export your account information manually into QuickBooks with no fees.

Direct Connect with bill pay

Direct Connect with bill pay allows you to automatically download your transaction information and pay bills directly in your QuickBooks software. Just $9.95 per month with the first two monthly service fees waived if you connect at least once during that time.

How do I set up QuickBooks Online for free with my U.S. Bank account?

Step 1

You must have a U.S. Bank personal or business checking account and a U.S. Bank online banking user id to qualify for QuickBooks Online. From QuickBooks, an online banking customer will use their U.S. Bank online banking user id to log in.

Step 2

Step 2: Sign in to QuickBooks Online Select the Banking tab, then select Connect account.

Step 3

Then, simply add your account by selecting “U.S. Bank” as the financial institution. Select Continue, and sign in to your account with your U.S. Bank username and password.

Follow the onscreen steps. It may take a few minutes to connect.
Select any accounts you want to connect.
Select how far back you want to download transactions.
Select Connect.

Need help? Watch this video or visit QuickBooks Online for more help on connecting your accounts.

How do I manually import my transactions from U.S bank into QuickBooks?

If you do not use Direct Connect to automatically download your transaction data, you can manually download your transactions from online banking. First, log in to your U.S bank account. Once you’re logged in, click any of your accounts to view the transactions. In the upper right-hand corner, above your transaction list, click “Download Transactions.”

How do I setup QuickBooks Direct Connect with bill pay access with U.S bank?

Step 1

You must have a U.S bank personal or business checking account and a U.S. Bank personal or business debit card to qualify for Direct Connect access.

Step 2

Purchase QuickBooks software directly prior to enrollment since U.S. Bank does not sell or distribute the software.

Step 3

Call U.S. Bank Technical Support at 800-987-7237 and select option 2 to enroll in Direct Connect with Bill Pay.

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