Get a Gold Checking Package with no monthly maintenance fee as long as you have an open U.S. Bank personal loan, line, mortgage, or credit card.1 Additionally, enjoy up to 100 free trades2 per calendar year with a self-directed brokerage account through our affiliate, U.S. Bancorp Investments.*

Don't have a U.S. Bank credit card?

You can apply for one when you open your Gold® Checking Package account. Select from more than 30 cards, including our popular U.S. Bank Cash+™ Visa Signature® Card.

Other financing needs?

U.S. Bank offers competitive rates on auto loans, home equity loans and lines, and personal loans and lines – and as long as you have one of these accounts open, your Gold Checking monthly maintenance fee will be waived.

Gold Checking benefits

Basic banking must-haves

You'll get a U.S. Bank Visa® Debit Card, and Online/Mobile Banking with Mobile Check Deposit, bill pay and more.

Free trades

100 free trades2 per calendar year with a self-directed brokerage account through our affiliate, U.S. Bancorp Investments.* Offer applies to online trades of equities and exchange-traded funds only and requires enrollment in paperless documents for self-directed brokerage account. Learn about brokerage and IRA accounts.

ATM Transaction fees

No ATM Transaction fees charged on first two Non-U.S. Bank ATM Transactions per statement period (Non-U.S. Bank ATM Transaction fees apply after two)3

Overdraft protection transfer discount

There is no Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee when a transfer is made from a linked deposit account (U.S. Bank consumer savings account, money market or a secondary checking account).

Reduced fees for Overdraft Protection Transfer Fees4 when transfers are made from a linked credit account (U.S. Bank Reserve Line of Credit, U.S. Bank Credit Card, U.S. Bank Personal Line of Credit, U.S. Bank Home Equity Line of Credit and other U.S. Bank lines of Credit.)

Family member accounts

Get up to 2 additional Easy Checking accounts – ideal for family money management – with no monthly maintenance fee as long as you’re a co-owner of the account.5

Benefits beyond checking

A great savings account

Competitive interest rates and no monthly maintenance fees are two big benefits of our Package Money Market Savings account,6 available to Gold Checking Package customers, and our Platinum Select Money Market Savings account,7 available only to our Platinum Checking Package customers. And like U.S. Bank savings accounts, it can also be used to provide overdraft protection.

Eligible to save on closing costs.

Take 0.25% of your new first mortgage loan amount and deduct it from the closing costs, up to a maximum of $1,000.8 You may be eligible for this Customer Credit with a U.S. Bank Personal Checking Package, or with an existing U.S. Bank first mortgage.9

Have a strong credit score?

The U.S. Bank Because You've Earned It™ Program recognizes the hard work and discipline it takes to build a solid credit score – and rewards qualified Gold Checking Package customers with extra benefits.10

Pricing and features

Monthly maintenance fee

  • $14.95

  • $0

    With an open U.S. Bank personal loan, line, mortgage or credit card.1

Other fees

The most common checking fees are listed in the Gold Checking Simple Snapshot (PDF), an easy-to-read summary of pricing and features to help you use this account. For more detailed information, see Consumer Pricing Information and Your Deposit Account Agreement.

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