Use U.S. Bank Smart Assistant on desktop and mobile

What is U.S. Bank Smart Assistant®?

It’s a powerful, intelligent banking assistant in the U.S. Bank Mobile App, online banking and throughout Your Smart Assistant is here to help you – in English or Spanish.

How can Smart Assistant help?

It reduces steps and saves you time. At any time of the day, your Smart Assistant can help you quickly find answers, find what you need and complete everyday banking tasks. It can also get you in touch with the right contact if you need additional help.

Get banking help using U.S. Bank Smart Assistant

Quickly find answers.

Say or type:
  • “What’s my routing number?”
  • “What’s my credit score?”
  • “How much was my last deposit?”
  • “Do I have any bills due next week?”
  • “What did I spend at Target last month?”
Fast, on demand answers to banking questions

Find what you need – fast.

Say or type:
  • “Activate my credit card.”
  • “I’d like to set a travel notification.”
  • “Where is the closest U.S. Bank ATM?”
  • “I want to apply for a loan.”
  • “How do I deposit a check?”
Perform banking transactions using the virtual assistant

Complete everyday banking tasks.

Say or type:
  • “Pay the statement balance on my credit card.”
  • “Send 200 bucks to Tony.”
  • “Transfer $100 from savings to checking.”
  • “My debit card is missing. Please lock it.”

Your trusted partner on the go 24/7

Smart Assistant is easy to use.

It understands how people converse. Talk naturally and your Smart Assistant will answer you verbally. Or, type your question and it will respond in writing.

Your banking virtual assistant is yours alone – safe and secure.

Because you access it from within your secure banking experience, your Smart Assistant is unique and personalized for you. Any information you share with it is completely private.

Using the U.S. Bank Smart Assistant in online banking

Give it a try.

Look for the red Assistant icon in the U.S. Bank Mobile App or sign up for online banking to get started.

Don’t have the app? Download it today.

or text GET APP to 872265 to receive a download link

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