Your role in limiting unauthorized transfers

Protect your login credentials – your user ID, password, and any other unique biometric attribute (such as facial recognition or fingerprint) used to access our digital services.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your accounts by keeping your login credentials confidential and ensure that you log out when you are finished using our digital services.
  • We will never ask you to share your login credentials, and you do not need to share your login credentials to send or receive money using our digital services.

Reporting unauthorized transactions

  • If you notice something's not right with your account, contact us immediately at our Fraud Liaison Center (877-595-6256). To maximize coverage, report unauthorized transactions within 60 days after we first deliver an account statement to you disclosing a suspected unauthorized transaction.
  • More information related to reporting errors and unauthorized transactions can be found in Your Deposit Account Agreement and the Digital Services Agreement.

What’s not covered (exclusions)

Coverage doesn’t apply to:

  • Deposits into your account using mobile check deposit
  • Wire transfers1 initiated using our digital services. (We may still determine to reimburse you for wire transfers you didn’t authorize, but we aren’t obligated to do so.)
  • Transactions you initiated or approved but gave us incorrect payment instructions
  • Your authorized users (transactions initiated by someone you authorize to initiate a transaction for you)
  • Your disappointment (transactions you initiated or approved, but the goods or services received didn’t meet your expectations)
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  1. Digital wires are subject to different limits on liability that are described in Your Deposit Account Agreement and the Digital Services Agreement. We may, at our sole discretion, still reimburse you for digital wires transactions that you did not authorize, but we are under no obligation to do so.

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